attacking the routes of the New World? How could they come here to ambush us?!” Milan is indeed a self-proclaimed intelligence expert, and just glanced at the two pirate ships and confirmed theirs. Identity, couldn’t help being shocked.

However, for the time being, unable to think about why they should be madly looting shipping routes, they would come here without knowing it. Milan quickly shared information with the fighters on the Silver Wing.

“Listen to me, everyone

.” “The

Sharktooth Pirates?!” Although Ivan was the first person to see the enemy in full, he didn’t know who the enemy was until now. I have to say that although Aiwen has a good talent for the Cavaliers, he still lacks the experience and accumulation of a qualified 南京夜网 navy. This is worth learning from Milan.

After Milan’s intelligence sharing, Ivan and the others knew that it was the Sharktooth flagship of the Sharktooth pirate group that was supposed to be raging on the New World route and the main battleship Barracuda under its command.

The pirate leader is the “White Shark” Skok who has two thousand golden lions in the Kingdom of Falitis alone. The accumulated rewards of various countries may have to be multiplied by ten on this number!

This is a great pirate who has been famous for many years, and at least is a powerful existence at the peak of the official knight. The pirate group under his command had at least seven main battle pirate ships at its peak, and even in the mixed place of the New World, he was no longer a small role.

According to legend, the “white shark” was cursed by the black wizard a few years ago, and since then, like a shark, he can no longer sleep. But the sharks in nature can rely on the left and right brains to take turns to rest and continue swimming in the sea. Although known as the “white shark”, Skok obviously does not have this ability, even at the peak of the extraordinary.

Because of long-term lack of sleep, his personality 南京夜生活spa论坛 has become extremely irritable, cruel, and bloodthirsty. The me