mselves, but also causes trouble.” Who is blamed?

Ignoring the Polish volunteers standing on the side of the road holding electronic candles, this is also their freedom. Nanjing Longfeng has no dislike for them, but they definitely have no good feelings.

He just watched the play from the sidelines, and his only opinion on this kind of thing is-it’s my shit? Should we understand the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence in China?

Under the leadership of the Great Ivan, the group of people left the trading market and drove back to the Ula antique shop south of Smolensk.

“The merchandise sales of the Ula Antique Store in this war 南京楼凤论坛reenactment event far exceeded my expectations, and the highest contribution is obvious to all, of course, the newly joined Ms. Vika and Mr. Leonid’s hair.”

Big Ivan said. There was a round of kind laughter and applause, just listen to this guy continue to say, “The next thing to be announced has something to do with everyone here.”

Saying this, Big Ivan cast his eyes on the Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix who was leaning on the bar to watch the lively. “You or me?”

“Come on.” Nanjing Longfeng gestured with a smile while holding up the beer bottle, without any sense of existence.

“From today, Ula Antiques Store will have several new owners.”

Big Iwan picked up a piece of paper very seriously and read, “The first is our Yuri, he will own 30% of the equity. The second is new The boss is Mr. Leonid,南京桑拿按摩 who owns 5% of the dividend shares, and the last one is the sales genius Miss Vika, who owns 3% of the dividend shares.

From tomorrow morning, the Ulla Antique Shop will hand it over to Mr. Leonid and Miss Vika I’m responsible, and Yuri and I will be more responsible for supplying goods in the future.” After

Big Yiwan finished speaking, Nanjing Longfeng beckoned to the bored He Tianlei and went to the second floor first. 南京桑拿论坛

When Big Ivan went upstairs and locked the door, Nanjing Longfeng had already turned on the computer and connected the projector.

“The designer f