en of Angel Boulder’s magic shop.

There was still cold sweat in the palm of her hand, and the teardrops on her face were constantly being thrown behind us as we ran. They 南京桑拿楼凤网 looked very crystal clear under the refraction of the sun, and the black pony tail kept rippling behind her head. All her grievances seemed to have been enchanted, and they all disappeared. There were still tears on her face, but it was full of surprise.

We crossed the Central Street, I dragged her all the way to the west, and ran her to a hill outside the city in one breath. I stood on a rock, put my hands on my mouth and made a trumpet like a loud voice. Shouted: “Jijia loves to win Li”

After listening to my loud confession, Yingli finally burst into laughter.

I jumped off the big rock. This is one of the few places where I play. Sometimes the wanderers in Ayr will be driven out of the city by the sheriffs, they will gather together, and here There are many big trees to shade the mountain, only the tung tree on this 南京龙凤论坛 mountain does not attract mosquitoes. This is a gathering place for some homeless people.

Sometimes, when I think of the past, I will come here unknowingly, standing on the hillside and looking into the distance, watching the wheat waves in the fields, watching the white birds in the sky, watching the creeks under the mountains, heavy Mood can become better.

“What did you just say, I want to hear it again!” Yingli smiled, stood beside me and stretched out her hand to cover the sun above her head. Looking at the endless wheat field below the hill, she showed a playful and lovely appearance.

I turned my head to the side, walked slowly down the mountain, and said casually: “Do you know, you can’t always talk about this kind of words.”

“Hey!” Yingli stood behind me, hard. He glared at me, and then muttered quietly behind his back: “Sniff! How long does it take to say it?”

“Let me think about it, then ten years!” I put my hands behind my head, leisurely Go down the mountain.

Below the hill, Helena, Becky