“Look, I’ll say that’s the case. You still don’t believe it.”

“Let’s 南京夜网 go, go to the next door and talk.”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix looked pityingly and wept bitterly. The runny Orika left He Tianlei, Liu Xiaoye, and the terrifying Vika to continue asking questions. The brothers, Elena and Nasha, who was picked up by the big Ivan this morning, nearly ran into another conference room separated by four or five rooms.

“Ivan, where did Vika learn these tricks? It’s horrible.” Nanjing Longfeng didn’t rush to discuss Olika’s affairs, first asked the doubts that had endured for three days.

It took only three days for this eldest sister Vika to pry open the mouths of everyone except the brawny man who used to be next to Orika, but she used some methods that would not hurt people at all. of.

Orika’s treatment is not bad, the remaining dozens of people were smeared with brown 南京夜生活论坛 sugar water on their bodies yesterday, and then pour the big ants that I don’t know where they got from. A little frightened prisoner of Guikulanglang Howling, even Nanjing Longfeng had a little tummy tummy yesterday.

“I didn’t expect her to be so horrible.”

Big Ivan shivered uncontrollably. “I was only worried that Elena was too reckless to injure a captive and invited her over. The ghost knows where she has so many 南京夜生活spa论坛 methods.”

“I can domesticate a man into an obedient pet, not to mention a little girl.”

Vika, with heavy makeup, pushed in with a queen-like aura, pushing the documents in his hand to the center of the crowd, “Olika is Yule Gen’s daughter, the brawny man who never speaks is Jurgen’s son, but they were not born to the same mother. Orika is 3 years younger than the brawny man. They both 南京桑拿楼凤网 lived in Argentina before university.”

“Ivan, Jurgen is over ninety years old, right?” Nanjing Longfeng stammered.

“I remember it seems like this” Big Ivan nodded blankly. “What kind of breed is he? Why is the shelf life so long?”

“Based on what I know about men.”


Nasha hurriedly stopped Vika before he