Dig! Continue digging!” Big Ivan said, pointing to the bluestone floor inside, “If you can’t dig it out, you can smash it!”

He Tianlei heard this and replaced the digging arm with a breaking hammer 南京楼凤论坛 with the help of Assak. I got the most unpleasant stone and started the “dada da da” job like a woodpecker.

Behind the big Ivan, Nanjing Longfeng was lost in thought. The more he watched, the more he felt that this scene seemed to have been seen somewhere.

When a piece of bluestone was broken by a broken hammer, his eyes widened suddenly. No wonder he felt familiar. When he first accepted Andre’s commission to find the manuscript of Baron Thor, he was in Lake Ladoga. Similar building ruins were found on the small island, and the manuscript found under that ruin?

Could it be that Baron Thor learned the method of hiding manuscripts from here? Or is this a basic operation at the time?

The answer to the question is unknown, but as pieces of rubble were lifted and thrown aside, Great Ivan wandered between disappointment and hope again and again.

The half-meter-thick rock is covered with two layers on top and bottom, and there is even 30 cm thick reinforced concrete between the two layers!

Such a crazy design has gradually aroused everyone’s interest, and everyone is eager to know what secrets are hidden under this thick and excessive foundation.

Everyone in the club was busy from noon to night, from 南京桑拿网 night to late night, until the next day of daylight. After the last layer of concrete was cleaned up, the water level inside this circular ruin was more than three meters above the ground.

However, the effort paid off. Everyone who had been busy all night finally found two tunnel entrances covered by wooden planks.

The larger of these two tunnels is next to the root of the wall, and the width reaches an astonishing three meters. The two sides of the spiraling steps are completely built with bluestone, and their strength is comparable to those of European medieval castles.

The entrance in the