rised at all, it looks like Dayi Wan seems to have lost a lot of money inside and out, but in fact it took the Nanjing Longfeng Express at a very small price.

As for the equity of the Ula Antique Store, the ordinary loot he dug up in the future can naturally continue to be traded, but the rare cultural relic Ivan must go directly to his own channel, whether it is Nanjing Dragon Phoenix or Leonid, what he can get is only antiques. The daily income of the shop is only.

Of course, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix is ??not at a loss. The so-called Dragon and Bear Adventure 南京桑拿网 Club is not a big Ivan and now he is just himself. As for He Tianlei, his identity is a salaried employee, which is fundamentally different from Da Yiwan who belongs to a partner.

In other words, Nanjing Longfeng is equivalent to a 30% stake in the Ula Antique Store and all sales and network channels of Big Yiwan. Nanjing Longfeng, which has barely completed the original accumulation and built its own reputation, does not need to be as busy as before. He traveled between various war sites so that he had no time to enjoy life.

To put it more bluntly, Nanjing Longfeng successfully turned his former boss into a partner, and his future cooperation with Da Yiwan will become more fair.

When however, still have to earn the money to make those great men, then the commission can then also have to take even more excavation 南京桑拿论坛 work of the party can not stop, but it really can not be so compact speed up.

After talking about business matters, the antique shop has long since closed after get off work.

Early the next morning, Big Ivan dragged the sleepy Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix to the outside of Smolensk like a Zhou.

“Why are we going here?”

Nanjing Longfeng asked listlessly while sucking the hot soy milk. You must know that yesterday he and He Tianlei drove a long distance of more than 1,000 kilometers from morning to night. They ran for a whole day before returning to Small. Lensk. It was less than eight o’clock right now, and he didn