y .” Strangulation will naturally not doubt the host, but it wants to emphasize that as a symbiote, it doesn’t need an organ like the brain at all.

Brain cells are actually the collective name of neurons and glial cells. Many brain cells constitute the organ brain, but each cell and even molecule of it can think. The simple evolution of the brain, a biological thinking processor, will reduce it. Improved body utilization.

The little black paw touched the crystal, and it passed the judgment of the intelligent creature. The four of them disappeared into the’world’ in an instant.


Silently, everyone appeared 南京桑拿按摩网 outside a tall city. At the city gate, there were still some heavily armed creatures walking around and patrolling, and their appearance looked like a birdman.

“Where is this, the kingdom of angels?”

Daisy was still holding the death knell’s arm, perhaps a little nervous, and she stuck her arm tightly between her canyons.

The guards had already noticed the situation, and when they spotted 南京桑拿楼凤网 the intruder, they quickly gathered around. The swords reflected the sunlight and looked like they were eating people.

“This is the city of Sephiroth, the family kingdom created by Oshutu. She pinched the sun on her head to play.” Su Ming replied to Daisy and waved to the guards who came: “I am the Supreme Master death knell, my own person!”

The head of an acquaintance appeared on the opposite city wall. It was the one Su Ming had seen when he was violently splitting the realm. The other party also recognized the death knell, and the guards quickly retreated under orders.

Su Ming has no plans to chat with others. He continued to say to Qin and the others: “It seems that the strangulation was successful this time, and the collective teleportation experiment was also successful. We were sent where we wanted to 南京龙凤网 go. Then we went back and then Change to the next place you want to go.”

There are three kinds of outcomes of intelligent creatures contacting the crystal to make a wish. One is the rea