into The ice has become a huge ice curtain, which still retains this spectacular sight.

It is said that the two mountains to the north of Lanham City were formed from the arms of a deity named Lanham who 南京桑拿会所网 hugged his head after death during the War of the Gods. The head of this deity was cut off and merged by a hostile deity. Taking it away, his head smashed into a huge hole in the ground, forming Lake Belan.

Legend has it that the bottom of Lake Belan still retains the appearance of human faces. However, these two mountains are also named Left Arm Mountain and Right Arm Mountain. Even in summer, it is not easy to cross this mountain range.

The closest road from Nato City to Lanham City is from the valley road at the mouth of Bellan Falls. If you don’t take this road, and you can’t cross Arm Mountain, you have to detour for hundreds of kilometers to reach Lanham City. .

The eagle squad I met in the middle told us that the two thousand barbarian squad was hovering at the foot of Arm Mountain. After looting 南京龙凤论坛 the ten towns on the outskirts of Nato, this group of barbarians let some barbarians take it. Returning to the icy tundra with the slaves of Ten Towns, the remaining two thousand barbarian brigade prepared to cross the city of Nato and head towards the city of Lanham further south.

There are probably no more than ten barbarian brigades that enter the northern province every year. These barbarians are scattered in the vast northern territory and possess extremely powerful destructive power. Under normal circumstances, behind such a barbarian brigade, Usually there will be the Knights of the North Wind Legion’s configuration, and the two sides will start a protracted war of attrition until the group of barbarians leave the north.

According to the captain of the eagle team, when the barbarian squad began to enter the territory of Nato City, the number of barbarian warriors once exceeded three thousand. Such a barbarian squad’s combat power is equivalent to the six full staff of the North Win