and fell into the pile of corpses below. .

The barbarian slaves guarding around the pergola were more or less pierced with poisonous stings, and some red spots appeared 南京桑拿按摩网 where they were stabbed. The pain and itching made the barbarian slaves miserable.

Before long, Kalantuo and Justus who went out to explore the murloc camp returned one after another. They were surprised to see the mess on the pergola and the murloc corpses all over the floor. They did not expect these murlocs to wait for them to leave. After that, boldly attacked us.

The orc construction warriors picked up the murloc corpses one after another, and then they peeled off the murloc skins. The fleshless bodies were thrown into the large pit dug temporarily on the beach, and the murloc leather was constructed by the orcs. The warriors were drying on the railings, the drying rails were laid out in a matrix on the beach, and some tattered murloc skins were directly discarded.

This time Kalantuo brought back information about 南京夜生活spa论坛 the murloc camp. A large tribe with a population of tens of thousands has built a large piece of thatched huts on the shallows of the coastline. Those thatched huts extend into the sea, waiting for Kalantuo to bring the orcs. When the construction warriors tried to approach the murloc camp, several murloc wizards who could cast spells appeared in the camp. Under the protection of the murloc warriors, these wizards walked out of the camp and opened the battle. Fight with Kalantuo and the orc warriors.

Justus walked east along the coastline and found a river bend. There was also a beached sea ship at the river bay. It looked quite old. The wooden boards on the ship were almost moldy and rotten. There was nothing in it, but I didn’t search carefully, and I hurried back when I saw the signal from the pergola.

44. The smell of

murlocs. All morning, the orc warriors were dealing with murloc corpses. The leather was drying on the wooden shelves on the beach. Before noon, the murloc skins peeled out in the morning