e stone egg, It’s easy to overlook.

There seems to be something in the stone eggs. The necklaces of these savages are not as simple as Basil said. I suddenly felt puzzled. I suddenly felt that these stone eggs were obtained from the undead swamp zombies I had seen on the wasteland. The magic core looks similar, but bigger.

Could it be a magic core?

I immediately put this idea behind me, this thing is very different from the magic core. If it were the magic core, it would have been taken away long ago, and I will not wait until now to leave it to me.

I took a stone egg from Basile and placed it on the flat axe back. 南京桑拿会所 A one-handed hammer jumped out of the weapon pile. I couldn’t pick it up. I didn’t know what the hammer was made of. So heavy.

Luca saw that I seemed to want to smash the stone egg, so he squatted beside me to help. His strength was strong enough. He smashed the stone egg with a hammer with one hand. The stone egg fell apart, revealing a gray stone core inside. .

Basil, who stood by, said swearingly to me: “There is nothing? I don’t know how many people have smashed these stone eggs before, and want to personally verify that there is nothing in these stones. In fact, there is indeed nothing in them. No.”

But I was a bit unwilling to give up, and put the chain beads up one after another, letting Luca help me open them one by one.

After inspection, it was found that, as Basil said, there was nothing in these 南京龙凤论坛 stone eggs.

Seeing the rubble scattered on the ground, although a little discouraged, he found a string of chain beads on a barbarian, smashed it open again, and still found nothing.

Basil’s last patience was wiped out, and he turned around and said, “If you want it so much, I will help you collect the stone eggs from the barbarians over there.”