f-kneeled on the ground and calmly explained, “When I walked here, I found that this small open space seemed to have been cleared by man. , And the field of vision looked like an artillery position! Then I tried to sweep with the metal detector, there is something here!”

He Tianlei said this, the engineering shovel in his hand and the metal detector were already drawn out. A rough outline of buried objects in the ground.

It’s just that the outline of this outline is really uncivilized. Nanjing Longfeng couldn’t help but look down at his crotch. Isn’t this grandson cursing me?

“Dig and dig together!”

Nanjing Longfeng selected the more prominent part and raised the engineer shovel in his hand.

The foul smelly soil, which was soft and even with some soup, was dug up and thrown aside. It didn’t take a few shoveling down to see the difference between the two.


The shovel on the left and the shovel on the right belonged to the shovel on the left, and the soil that was thrown out showed a “eight” shape.

On the other hand, He Tianlei, who digs the big head, is not only much faster than Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix, but each shovel is closely integrated with the previous shovel, and a long strip of terraced soil ridge is piled up solidly, not only will not be raised at all. Yes, and gradually completely blocked his frontal vision.

“What’s your habit? Why do you still pile up a ridge of soil?” Nanjing Longfeng, who was digging side by side with He Tianlei, couldn’t help but curiously asked.

“Hi! I’m used to it!”

While He Tianlei spoke, he shoveled the engineer shovel into the soil fiercely, “This is not a soil ridge, you can call it a breast wall, or a simple 南京桑拿会所网 single-soldier trench, or a foxhole according to foreigners’ habits. The minesweeper that I piled up is to prevent being named by the waiting sniper during actual combat. They will dig underground explosives such as mines and use the excavated soil as soon as possible to block the view straight ahead.”

He Tianlei Afraid to say that I d