fruits the size of pigeon eggs have grown. Just looking at it, the mouth will have a sour taste.

On the street, a group of knights from the guard camp riding Gubolai horses slowly passed by me. I recognized that the knight in the third position of the horses was the youngest son 南京龙凤网 of our Ai family at the end of the street. In order to insert his youngest son into the guard camp in El City, Ayah spent a lot of money. I waved to him gently. He was wearing standard light armor and looked very energetic, too. Nodded impenetrably, blinked playfully.

Xiao Ai has a very good temper. He is usually very polite to the neighbors on the whole street. He is five years older than me. He is just seventeen years old this year. He graduated 南京夜生活论坛 from the War College Soldier Yard last year and joined the guard camp. .

I watched that team of tall Gubolai horses slowly walk past me, and I envied them that they are qualified to ride the tall horses around the city. I think this must be very exciting.

In the past few days, every morning when I was going to school, I could see a fiery red figure jogging out of 南京桑拿夜网 the yard. She was wearing a red swordsman training uniform, and her long fiery red hair was running like a woman. A group of burning flames, she carried a dark red two-handed sword on her back. I could feel the burning fire element aura on that long sword. It was a very precious magic sword.

Annie’s figure is very similar to that of Sister Guoguo. They belong to the kind of women with broad shoulders, long legs and fair skin. Annie’s body looks stronger 南京桑拿会所网 and hotter than sister Guoguo. Her body has more concavities and convexities. Her slenderness is always wrapped in tight leather pants, which is clearly a light armor made of salamander skin. This kind of precious first-level top-level beast leather is considered a very precious leather in El City. I heard that she also just returned to El City. Before, she followed the 南京桑拿按摩网 fourth-grade elite group of the academy to take an airship to Qiyan City, probably there. There