this boat is not his own, and Nanjing Longfeng does not have a boat license, and he doesn’t even know that the federal police care 南京夜生活spa论坛 about it.

But it wasn’t too far anyway. If something really happened, Grandma Katja was moved out.

With the roar of the engine, the used fishing boat steadily left Cobona Port and drove into Lake Ladoga.

“I really didn’t see that you still have this craft?”

He Tianlei said with a smile. He really didn’t expect that his classmate and boss would even sail.

“This is a family handicraft.”

南京桑拿论坛Nanjing Longfeng said with a smile while slowly turning the steering wheel. “My hometown is on the riverside. When I was young, the village didn’t say that every family had a boat. It was not much difference, and my father used to be Seriously the navy retired. When I was in school, he kept asking me to be a navy in the military academy. It’s a pity that we didn’t mention the scores in Qingbei, which was five hundred points short.

Come on, try it. This little sampan is turning The arc is bigger, otherwise the ship will easily capsize.”

After Nanjing Longfeng finished speaking, he gave the steering wheel to the strange He Tianlei, and he put his hand on the accelerator position to stop the engine at any time.

He Tianlei didn’t dare even when he arrived. Actually, this sailing is not too different from driving, 南京楼凤论坛 and the brakes are not so good, so we must predict and slow down in advance.

If the ship is bigger, in addition to being careful not to collide with other ships on the water, you must always stare at the radar not to leave the channel. Otherwise, once it hits an underwater reef, there will be an excuse for a new ship. .

Before He Tianlei had finished his addiction, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix had already turned off 南京桑拿夜网 the engine in advance, and the small fishing boat slowly slid to the position of the first golden arrow in the map field of view only by inertia.

“Why did this stop?”

He Tianlei still patted the steering wheel. He found that sailing is much more in