ls after their deaths. How much do you think they should be worth?” The friend on the side also interjected. .

“Wow, does this guy still have the Dark Crystal in his body?” The companion on the side said in 江苏桑拿论坛 surprise.

“Seriously, this” a

few young nobles talked about the spider man warriors every word, and the topic became more biased.

The crowd at the gate of the slave market was bustling with excitement, and Bobby led us through the slave market without paying attention to the young nobles.

I asked Bobby a little strangely: “The young people are talking about you, why don’t you go to them, can you bear it?”

“What can’t stand it?” Bobby retracted his hand into his sleeve and brought it. We bypassed the slave market, because there were more people here, and two strong waiters opened the way for us.

Then he smiled at me and said, “Several of them are old customers of the slave market. Two of them are good friends of our house for many years. Without tearing their faces, what can I do? They said 南京龙凤网 to go, they just can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour.”

Ma asked Bobby curiously: “What’s the matter with you and Madame Judy?”

Bobby said indifferently, “What’s the matter, who can have one or two lovers?”

There are many people who know Bobby near the slave market, and people greet him everywhere along the way.

At noon in such a winter, many slave traders gathered in the market. They packed their slaves into large iron cages and surrounded the iron cages with curtains to cover the wind and snow. These curtains could not keep out the cold. A group of slaves wore thin clothes, shivered in the iron cage, and huddled together. Some nobles came out of the market leisurely with slaves with collars tied to their necks.

We did not enter the crowded slave market, but walked along the periphery of the slave market to the temporary settlement camp behind the slave market.

From the outside, the entire resettlement camp is surrounded by a high wall. The top of this stone wall is covered with sha